Médine Education Village Might Soon Welcome Students From Kenya

The “Ecole centrale de Nantes” features last on the list of foreign institutions to be opened at the Médine Education Village, Pierrefonds. The French university will accommodate for future Mauritian and African engineers.


A representative of the Engineers Board of Kenya, Pauline Mwarabu, is currently in Mauritius to visit the Medine Education Village. In a statement to l’Express.mu, she explains that the purpose of her visit is to coordinate the engineering training to be given by Ecole de Nantes in Mauritius with the model applied in Kenya.

The Medine Education Village is diversifying its activities. It boasts of Supinfo, a French college specialised in computer science, Strategy and Organisation Consulting courses led by the commerce college of Paris Europe, and other French institutions like Vatel and the “Université Paris 2 Panthéon Assas”.

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