Rebuilding Statue of Greek God Helios, The Colossus of Rhodes

The 98-foot high statue of Greek divinity Helios, commonly known as the Colossus of Rhodes, might be rebuilt to promote tourism in the area.

collosus of R
Photo credits: Colossus of Rhodes

The statue stood tall near the harbour of Rhodes in Greece for over 5 decades until it was brought down during an earthquake in 226 BCE. Now, a team of researchers wish to rebuild it to generate jobs and boost the tourist industry.

Bringing back the Colossus of Rhodes to our world will be done in a more grandiose manner: the new statue is planned to be much taller, at 400 feet.

The project proposal also involves the construction of a library, museum, cultural center, exhibition hall, as well as a lighthouse.

The researchers will also ensure that it is earthquake-resistant by using modern technology. They also wish to make of it a proper Greek god of the sun: it will be equipped with golden solar panels to power the monument.

Such an endeavour will require from 240 to 260 million euros.

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