Ring Road: Construction of Two Tunnels To Protect From Flooding & Road Accidents

The second phase of the Ring Road will involve the construction of two tunnels, and the Terre-Rouge-Verdun road will be subject to more tests before reparation works can begin.

ring road

Two tunnels instead of one. The minister of Public Infrastructure, Nando Bodha, has announced that thus has the initial plan been modified to accommodate for his new ideas that budded off during his recent visit to South Korea. Experts from the country will soon arrive in Mauritius for the same purpose.

The change in the construction project –from a two-lane tunnel to two tunnels –is being made as a security measure to protect from flooding, fires, or road accidents, according to l’Express.mu.

Nando Bodha also says in a statement to l’Express.mu that new tests will be made for the Terre-Rouge-Verdun road before reparation works start.

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  • Let’s hope the government writes the contract providing strong penalties for any failure and requiring the contractor to maintain the new infrastructure for one year from construction date and to put right, at its own expense, any problems that occur during that time.

    Back in the 19th century this was the standard form of contract used in the UK and its colonies for major transport projects. It worked well, because it was in the main contractor’s interest to ensure the job was done properly in the first place and to have oversight of sub-contractors’ work.

    Had the Mauritian government written proper contracts for these road schemes, I very much doubt any of these problems would have occurred. If failures had occurred, there would have been no argument or delay about repairing the damage.

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