Schools in Remote Regions: Special Allocation To Encourage Teachers

Primary school teachers seem to dislike working in remote regions like Le Morne, La Gaulette, Riche-en-Eau, and Rivière-Noire. Therefore, as motivation, the authorities decided to give them a special allocation amounting between Rs 2,500 and Rs 3,000.


Primary teachers are currently going through the process of transfer from one school to another. Those fearing to be posted in the remote regions of the south are already protesting.

Normally, the teachers have a car that pick them up at specific locations every morning and afternoon. However, this still does not seem to lessen the issue in their eyes. Therefore, they might be obtaining an allocation as motivation.

The amount of the allocation has not been defined yet. But, it will probably be equivalent to the one given to teachers working in ZEP (Zones d’Éducation Prioritaires) schools, at around Rs 2,500 to Rs 3,000. Officials of the Ministry of Education and those from the Pay Research Bureau are currently working on this.

Usually, for remote schools, teachers who have worked there in the past are asked to be transferred again, because others refuse to. However, this time, many have threatened to report the case to the Equal Opportunities Commission. Therefore, the concept of having allocations for these teachers has been brought up.

Time will tell whether the proposed solution is really an effective one.

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