Statistics Mauritius: Decreased Inflation Rate In October

The latest Consumer Price Index Oct 2015 report of Statistics Mauritius has been published online on Monday, November 9. New data relating to decreased inflation is now available.


The consumer price index has declined for the first time in 4 months: from 108.6 in September to 107.5 in October.

Inflation went from 2 % in September to 2 % last month, says Statistics Mauritius in the report published on November 9.

Economist Eric Ng is concerned about such a low inflation rate; in a statement of his to, he says that it is bizarre and inexplicable.

As per the figures, the decrease is due to the lowered prices of vegetables and other food items. Furthermore, clothing items, tobacco and alcoholic drinks have also undergone price reductions. Eric Ng also added that the statisticians might have used the lowest prices, and that otherwise Mauritians would prefer quality over price.

Eric Ng believes Statistics Mauritius must review its way of choosing items to calculate the price index arguing that the value of the Mauritian rupee against the American dollar has declined lately resulting in an increase in prices of commodities since most imported products are paid in US$.

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