Sugar Yield 2015 At Its Worst Since 1960

The rate for sugar production is at its lowest since 1960 – planters are displeased at the current situation, given that their expenses have remained the same while their revenues have decreased considerably.


The quantity of sugar extracted per tonne of sugarcane is 10 % lower than last year’s. According to, this is the worst yield the sugar industry has faced since 1960.

The main cause behind the results is allegedly the climate: the abundant rain from January to Match followed by winter whereby the temperature difference between night and day was negligible have constituted unfavourable circumstances.

In a statement to, a member of the Alliance of Sugarcane Planters Association (ASPA), Salil Roy, explained that the yield after the third extraction was less than 70 kg per tonne of sugarcane, and for some it was barely around 60 kg; normally, the extraction rate must go beyond 80 kg.

Planters now find themselves in a delicate situation, specially that the measures to boost their revenues with by-products are not completely implemented.

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  • It would be nice to think that the planters are going to be vociferously supporting the international Climate Change Conference in Paris next week and particularly calling for an end to deforestation in Mauritius.

    But I won’t hold my breath.

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