Using Smartphones On Aircrafts Flying Over Mauritius

The Mobile Communication Services on Aircraft (MCSA) regulations pertaining to Mauritius might soon be reviewed to accommodate for changes: owners of 3G and 4G mobile phones will be able to use them onboard aircrafts flying over the island.


As was decided in 2010, only 2G mobile phones could be used to make calls and send text messages on airplanes in the skies of Mauritius. The regulation might now be modified to include 3G and 4G phones as well after an airline company made the request to the Information Communication and Technologies Authority (ICTA).

The parties concerned – namely operators, network suppliers, and interested airline companies – have until December 4 to present their arguments to the ICTA.

To be able to use smartphones on airplanes, measures will first have to be taken to ensure that they do not cause magnetic interference to navigation equipment. Airline companies that cater for this have to set up a system allowing users to communicate via a closed network thereby not resulting in interferences.

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