Verdict Against Aurore Gros-Coissy Reversed

The verdict pronounced against Aurore Gros-Coissy who was incriminated for the import of Subutex in Mauritius has been reversed in the court of appeal today.

Aurore Gros-Coissy
Aurore Gros-Coissy

The court of appeal, composed of Senior Puisne Judge Eddy Balancy, and judges Ah-Foon Chui Yew Cheong and Nalini Devat-Oogarah, reversed the verdict of the criminal court that had condemned Frenchwoman Aurore Gros-Coissy to 20 years of prison for Subutex trafficking.

Aurore Gros-Coissy would soon be liberated, announced her lawyer, Neelkanth Dulloo, in a statement to Radio Plus today morning.

She was previously found guilty of importing Rs 1,6 million-worth Subutex pills back in August 2011. She had then contested the verdict, arguing that she had unintentionally brought the pills because of a Mauritian.

Lawyer Neelkanth Dulloo explained that the aspects of the case considered by judge Bobby Madhub who had given the first ruling were analysed by judge Balancy. It was then concluded that the evaluation could not be taken into account.

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