Water Supply 2015: Improvements Following Favourable Weather Conditions

Our water reservoirs are filled to a greater extent than they have been in the last few years thanks to the abundant rain. DefiMedia.info reports that the Central Water Authority (CWA) claims the situation is under control.

water supply

Last year, the water provision situation of Mauritius was worrying: water supply was deliberately restricted in certain areas to deal with the crisis. Some of those affected by this limitation had even taken to the streets. That was when our main reservoirs were only 48.9 % filled.

Fortunately, the circumstances have now changed: on average, the reservoirs are 76.3 % filled.

On November 12, Midlands Dam was filled up to 88.9 %, while Mare-aux-Vacoas, Piton-du-Milieu, and La Nicolière were 84.8 %, 73.6 %, and 66.5 % filled respectively. Furthermore, water pipes of the CWA have been replaced to avoid any problem.

Therefore, the CWA does not plan to limit the water supply of its subscribers. Instead, some regions (like southern and western ones) will even witness improvements in the availability of water.

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