WiFi In Colleges In Mauritius: DCL Bags The Contract

The contract for the setting up of WiFi antennas in colleges has been allocated to the firm Data Communications Limited (DCL).


The Rs 122-million-contract constitutes an important project.

The construction works will start off this very month. In a statement to DefiMedia.info, the CEO of the firm, Ganesh Ramlingum, explains that they will take advantage of the school holidays to propel the project forward.

The installation procedures are expected to be completed in 8 or 12 months.
The Ministry of Education, on the other hand, would prefer a shorter duration to implement the project. DCL, therefore, looks forward to doing its best.

Ganesh Ramlingum adds that one college will need between 5 to 11 WiFi antennas to ensure an adequate Internet connection. A total of around 700 antennas will thus be installed in the secondary educational institutions across the island.

The Internet connection speed will be at 10 Mbps and 2 Mbps for colleges in Mauritius and Rodrigues respectively.

The maintenance of the systems for 5 years in a row will also be catered for by DCL.

Furthermore, DCL will have to create a server for the colleges to connect to the Government Online Centre (GOC), the Mauritius Institute of Education (MIE) and public libraries.

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