227 Private Jets Landing in Mauritius in 2015

192 private jets have landed in Mauritius from January to November. The influx in November and December, however, surpasses that of all other months; the coming of 35 jets was recorded in November only.

private jet

It is expected that a total of 227 private jets will land on the island this year – 24 more than last year, and 3 fewer than in 2013, according to DefiMedia.info.

Normally, those travelling by private jet include directors of airline companies or of hotels, affluent businessmen, and heads of state. The high number of these personalities bear testimony to Mauritius being a destination of choice. The SSR International Airport of Mauritius is equipped with a private lounge, and a YU Lounge to cater for this type of arrivals. The YU Lounge is used specifically for this purpose: the travellers can find some time to relax while the personnel handles the administrative formalities.

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