265 517 kg of Fireworks Imported in Mauritius

265 517 kg of firecrackers and fireworks have been imported for around Rs 20 million for the end of year festivities.


Mauritians are already buying fireworks for the celebration of the new year. In a statement to DefiMedia.info, one of the main importers in Mauritius, Wing Tai Chong, says that its clients do not wait until the last minute to make their purchases. This is the case in spite of the increased prices (by 20 %) that resulted from the rising dollar.

Fireworks have grown to be part of the Mauritian culture. It is expected that the population normally buying them will continue to do so, regardless of the 20 % price hike.

It is to be noted that the selling of fireworks is subjected to specific regulations. According to DefiMedia.info, importers need to have a permit, and their products must comply with the norms established by the Mauritius Standard Bureau. The authorities are on the look-out for any offence pertaining to illegal fireworks.

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