Accident at Beaux Songes Between CNT Bus & 4×4: 6 Killed

A deadly accident has occurred today morning at Beaux Songes involving an NTC bus (CNT) and a private vehicle. The accident happened at around 05:00 (21 December 2015). According to initial reports, the NTC bus was heading towards Flic en Flac while the 4×4 was heading towards Vacoas when the accident occurred.

Photo credits: L’


6 people are confirmed killed. 5 of the victims were travelling in the 4×4 while the 6th victim was a pedestrian, who was apparently jogging in the area. The bus driver, Vishal Kaitoo, was severely injured and transported to Victoria hospital at Candos.

As of now, the cause of the accident is still being investigated by the police. The identity of the victims will be revealed shortly.

Photo via A. Armoo (Facebook)

The police has finally identified the victims who have not survived the accident: 17-year-old Navnish Ramchurn who died at the hospital, and his brother, 19-year-old Pavish Ramchurn, 24-year-old Cedric Bozelle, the driver of the 4×4, Andy Chowreemootoo, 23-year-old Aurélie Charlot, and Elodie Ramchurn.

The young people were coming from a party (“White Afternoon“) that was held at Flic-en-Flac.

The funeral of the Ramchurn brothers will be held today itself.

It is now up to the police to determine who was guilty (if any). L’ reports that it might have been the bus driver who went off the appropriate lane. But, this needs to be confirmed.


  • Rest in peace friends.. I’ll really miss you.. The fact that you’ll not be here anymore really hurts.. But yet you’ll always be alive in my heart!

  • i share your view frank. These police guy like to arrest motocycle instead of making halt to BMW and so on. We have traffic jam in the center itself and one “police officers” is looking at our geougeous ladies going to work ….
    Where are we going with the law officers itself. Some use the uniform to increase their power as they themself dont have any, they forget that the power is the citizen itself who made it.
    Pls Mr the PM take these in your agenda for the rule and order.

  • May they rest in peace, amen ! Why are the Government/Police not doing anything about this huge problem on Mauritius, how many more victims do we have to see ? For me it looks that the Police is more busy to stop mopeds and motorcycles, to write some small fines for whatever.Everyday several Police officers is walking around the Policestation at Trou Aux Biches, without doing anything about the traffical problems ? It seems that this beautiful blue shirt they are dressed in, is as clean in the afternoon, that it was from the morning.
    How can we feel safe in the traffic, when they are busier with everything else ?
    I dont know how many times i had mentioned, that this Island is a “wonderland” for maniac drivers.

    • Sorry guys i don’t think the police or the government has to be blame for that, its the responsibility for a driver to know how to be responsible on the road am a road user too, that does mean i have to play hide and see with police and beyond this is call CARELESS AND IRRESPONSIBLE DRIVERS.

    • I don’t think that government and police ask drivers to consume alcohol and to over speed. I believed that drivers should take their own responsibilities and no need to blame the police n the government. Thnks

      • I dont think you get my “message” ! You’r acting like many Mauritians now, running from relity.It is totally up to the Police to see that the laws is followed, agree ? What i mean is that the Police has to intencify efforts to get people to drive safefully and not driving like maniacs.How to do it, well that we will have to leave for the Government/Police.

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