ADSU Dismantles Drug Trafficking Network At Cité-Kennedy

Officers of the ADSU have dismantled a drug-trafficking network operating from Cité-Kennedy, Quatre-Bornes, following the arrest of two suspects.


Two inhabitants of Cité-Kennedy, namely Steeve N. and Romain A., were arrested last Thursday when they were allegedly attempting to fetch a package containing 1.5 kilograms of heroin estimated to be worth Rs 15 million. The two men are now kept in detention.

The arrest of the two suspects happened in a very tense atmosphere: a crowd of people had gathered to obstruct the way of the police officers, and the car of the suspects even had to be towed.

It is suspected that those involved in drug-trafficking in Cité-Kennedy might have links with networks supplying heroin to regions of Plaines-Wilhems.

The heroin package arrived in Mauritius on November 25 onboard an aircraft coming from South Africa. When the customs officers detected the drug, they alerted the ADSU. A ‘controlled delivery’ operation was then mounted. The package was addressed to an inhabitant of Quatre-Bornes (S.N). However, this person never came to fetch the package. The ADSU suspected the name to be a fictitious one. Ultimately, Steeve N. And Romain A. went to retrieve the package.

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