‘Ancient Relic’ Found in Jerusalem Cemetery Is No Relic At All, Confirmed By Facebook User

The ‘golden scepter’ found in a cemetery in Jerusalem has been identified by a Facebook user: it is not what it was thought to be.

The 'ancient relic' that is no relic at all. Photo credits: Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA).
The ‘ancient relic’ that is no relic at all. Photo credits: Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA).

Following its discovery in an archaeological site where remains from the Roman, Byzantine and Crusader eras were also previously found, experts decided to investigate its origin and spent 6 months to do so. However, it was only correctly identified by a Facebook user.

The head of Israel’s Antiquities Authority robbery prevention unit, Amir Ganor, says in a statement to The Telegraph that he has never before seen anything like the object in question.

Antiquity experts from the IAA initially speculated that the 24-carat gold scepter might have come from biblical Jewish temples. But, unable to confirm their suggestions, they posted pictures of the object on Facebook to seek assistance from the public.

Surprisingly, its identity was only confirmed by Facebook user, Micah Barak from Italy, who pointed out that the scepter is no ancient relic at all. It is actually an energy device known as the Weber Isis Beamer, manufactured by a firm in Germany, and allegedly used for healing purposes thanks to its ‘protective shield’ that is claimed to block electromagnetic geopathic radiation.

Ouch. No wonder the antiquities experts had no idea of its identity.

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