Autopsy Results of 8-Month-Old Anna: She Was Victim of Abuse

Eight-month-old Anna has indeed been victim of abuse, according to the results of the autopsy performed by Dr Sheila Jankee-Prasad and Maxwell Monvoisin.


Little Anna died as a result of a fractured skull. It was suspected that she was neglected and assaulted. Following her death, her mother, 23-year-old N.M., and 27-year-old boyfriend, T.R., were arrested and they appeared in court yesterday, December 23.

L’ reports that she was admitted to the hospital ICU 8 days ago. She had burn marks at the belly, a big bump at the head, and fractured legs. Her body temperature was also high. She had to undergo surgery because of blood clots in her head. Another similar operation was to be performed, but she died before it could happen. The doctors treating her believe that she might have been thrown against a wall.

What could have happened to Anna? Her mother who had claimed that the baby fell from the bed leading to the injuries was arrested by the Criminal Investigation Division of the North. In her testimony, she said that she had gone to the shop when her daughter got injured. However, she had later admitted that her boyfriend had assaulted the child in her absence. She appeared in the court of Port-Louis under charges of “attempt at murder” and “abandonment of child” and was later released.

Boyfriend T.R. was arrested yesterday. Charged with “abandonment of child”, he exercised his right to remain silent. The police later objected against his release on parole. Also, he has been in police records from before because of drug issues.

As for the mother, she has two other children. One of them lives at their maternal grandmother’s place, and the other one has been taken under the care of the Child Development Unit (CDU).

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