Beaux-Songes Fatal Accident: Witness Testifies Against NTC Bus Driver

The police is still investigating the circumstances that led to the tragic accident that occurred at Beaux-Songes yesterday, December 21, killing 6 of the individuals involved and leaving 4 injured.

Photo via A. Armoo (Facebook)

According to the reports of l’, the police found out that the driver of the NTC bus was attempting to overtake a vehicle when he hit the 4×4. An independent witness has related the information to the police force of Quatre-Bornes.

The police will only hear out the versions of the two injured victims of the accident (from the 4×4) as well as that of the driver of the bus when their health state will have improved; of the 4 survivors, 3 are still in the hospital.

It is also said that the bus went off the lane it was supposed to be in and thus collided into the 4×4 which was going in the opposite direction; the impact allegedly caused the 4×4 to be split into three parts. One of the first people to have witnessed the scene of accident only minutes after it happened explains in a statement to l’ that they saw blood and bodies everywhere, some on the road, others still in the vehicle.

Samples have been taken from the victims for toxicological analysis.

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