Big Businesses Sued For Using HTTPS Encryption

CryptoPeak Solutions LLC, a firm based in Texas, has sued 66 companies for allegedly using its patented encryption method on their HTTPS websites illegally.

Encryption is a way to secure data from hacking and similar threats, and is growing more common, specially because of fears pertaining to global surveillance programmes launched by governments.

The encryption method of CryptoPeak, known as Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC), is a key exchange algorithm, mostly used on websites secured with Transport Layer Security (TLS).
Now, however, websites using the ECC key might be dragged into court.

A number of big businesses are targeted by CryptoPeak Solutions issuing lawsuits, namely, Yahoo, Netflix, Pinterest, Sony, amongst others. Find the complete list here.

The claims of Crytopeak Solutions are being challenged though. Netflix, for instance, described its lawsuit as being “Invalid” (find the pdf below).

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