Bomb Alert on Air France Flight From Mauritius – Emergency Landing in Kenya

Air France flight AF463 from Mauritius heading to Paris has made an emergency landing in Kenya today following a bomb threat after a suspect package was found in the plane’s toilet. The airplane was successfully evacuated and the suspected package is now being examined by bomb experts in Kenya.

Update: 18:00 (GMT+4): Suspicious device is now confirmed to be a fake bomb (photo further below). The device was a mixture of cardboard, sheets of paper and a timer made to look like a bomb. It was found by one passenger in the plane’s toilet. Nobody has yet claimed responsibility for the suspicious device but 2 passengers are currently being questioned by Kenyan security forces.


As part of the emergency procedure, the airport was also evacuated during the landing. As at now, all flights in Kenya have resumed, according to Kenyan airport’s authority on Twitter.

The Air France flight which was carrying 459 passengers (among which were many Mauritians) and 14 crew members left Mauritius at 21:00 Mauritian time (GMT +4) Saturday night. It had been due to fly directly to Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris.


One of those on board, Benoit Lucchini, said passengers were calm and were told by the crew that the plane was being diverted because of a technical problem. “The plane just went down, slowly, slowly, slowly, so we just realized probably, something was wrong,” he said.

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