Chinese Buy Canned Air From Canada!

Do you happen to know those jokes about bags of chips ‘actually’ selling air instead of chips? Well, there appears to be a market for this: the great demand for pure air has caused Chinese to buy hundreds of air bottles from a new Canadian firm, Vitality Air.

canned air

Air is a free commodity we all can enjoy. However, it is no more a resource taken for granted when you live in highly polluted areas. What do you do, then, if growing concern over the detrimental effects of polluted air has grasped your city? You buy bottled air from Canada! It might sound like a hoax, but, believe it or not, canned air is indeed being sold and shipped to foreign countries!

It all began when some Canadians sold a bag of air for around 99 cents on eBay as a joke. Unbelievably, the second bag was then bought for US$160. In a statement to The Telegraph, co-founder Moses Lam explains that that was how they understood that while it was initially a “gag gift”, demand for pure air was actually a thing.

It is no secret that air pollution in China has reached alarming levels, specially in Beijing. This is what has pushed some Chinese to buy 10-litre bottles at US$22.95; these are said to provide for 200 inhalations of ‘Pure Premium Oxygen’. Or, you could buy 7.7 litres of ‘Lake
Louise Air’- worth 150 inhalations – at the same price.

Vitality Air even provides two choices: pure oxygen (97 % oxygen gas) or fresh clean air with 21 % oxygen. The latter can come from Alberta’s Banff National Park area or from the national park’s Lake Louise.

The firm’s customers come from other parts of the world as well, from North America, to India, and the Middle East. But, China remains their biggest market, with 500 bottles sold in only 4 days recently.

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