December Festivities: Mauritians Indulge in Late-Night Shopping & Entertainment

Mauritians are looking forward for the late night shopping opportunities during the end-of-year festivities. A number of shopping centres and malls will be open till midnight during the coming days. Both traders and consumers intend to make the most out of it.

Late-night shopping. Photo credits:
Late-night shopping. Photo credits:

Late night shopping is becoming more and more of a culture in Mauritius. Find the list of shopping malls and their opening hours here in case you are interested to indulge in shopping during the evening and into the night. Many consumers love the idea of being able to go to shopping centres during late hours when they are free of work and other responsibilities, and when the temperature is not as high as during the day.

Furthermore, the shopping areas are bustling with activities: karaoke nights and concerts by local artists have been organised to entertain those shopping. Great crowds of people come flocking to these shows at this time of the year.

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