Good Governance & Integrity Reporting Bill Voted Yesterday (03.12.15)

The Good Governance and Integrity Reporting Bill (GGIR), commonly known as “la loi Bhadain” has been voted yesterday at around 21h20.


Several amendments to the initial bill relating to illicit enrichment have been made during the last few days. The bill was debated for over 6 weeks in public before it was voted in Parliament.

The decision was made following two long days of debating. While everyone would agree that fraud and corruption should be eradicated, they could not find common ground as to the laws governing the issue. The amendment of the constitution relating to the confiscation of unexplained wealth remained the main bone of contention.

Only 58 members of the Parliament voted for the GGIR while 7 MMM deputies abstained from voting. The 4 PTr members remained opposed to the two bills.

The GGIR was, therefore, voted in an atmosphere of confusion, as pointed out by l’

The amendment in relation to the designation of the director of the Integrity Reporting Services Agency as well as of the 3 members of the board of directors was made at the last minute.; it had been changed several times. Three versions were proposed before the final one was accepted; many had raised their voices against the previous ones.

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