Hack Into Linux Computers By Pressing ‘Backspace’ 28 Times

For computers with Linux as OS, passwords might actually be useless: getting past the security measure can be done just by pressing the backspace key 28 times. Now, how are Linux users supposed to protect their computers?


The terribly weird (and, scary for users of the OS) bug has been discovered by security researchers from the University of Valencia. It was detected in many Linux distributions.

Want to bypass authentication measures? Hitting ‘backspace’ 28 times during booting would do the trick. The vulnerability has been spotted in Grub2, the Grand Unified Bootloader; the majority of Linux systems use Grub2 for booting the OS when starting the computer. The problem pertains to an integer overflow fault. The latter affects those systems from 2009 to now. However, older systems might face the problem as well.

The researchers have, fortunately, come up with a way to deal with the Grub2 vulnerability. Their emergency patch is available here.

Other emergency patches have also been released by Ubuntu, Red Hat, and Debian.

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