Hit-And-Run At Quatre-Bornes: Driver Arrested After Discovery of Friend’s Suicide Note

The police has arrested the driver of the car allegedly involved in the hit-and-run case that occurred at Quatre-Bornes during the early hours of the morning on Friday, December 18.


The driver, a 21-year-old man (V.B.), an inhabitant of Palma, has been arrested by the authorities following the discovery of a suicide note of his friend, a 19-year-old student.

The student explained in the letter that he was overcome by guilt in the aftermath of the accident that has cost the life of police officer Putty who was signalling to the driver to stop the car for a routine check. The car belonged to his father, and the driver was a friend of his. The latter, V.B., had asked him to take responsibility for the accident because he did not have a driving licence.

He had then ended his life by jumping off the Colville Derevell bridge at Montagne-Ory.

When the police read the suicide note, they proceeded to arrest V.R. who ultimately confessed.
According to his version reported by, he was drunk when he was driving. He explained that he had slowed the car down when seeing the policeman coming in his direction, and that he had tried to avoid hitting him and he had then continued driving.

Three other friends of the student who were in another car have also been asked to testify by the police.

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