Illegally Collecting Money From The Public: Suspects Make Rs 6,000 Per Day

Individuals with illegal permits to collect money from the public have been arrested by the police this week. Otherwise, they make Rs 6,000 per week.


Many are those who seek help from the public to be able to fund the surgery and other related expensive operations for their family. However, not all of them are sincere. Some are actually out there operating illegally.

When a police sergeant stopped by a woman who was collecting money at La Chaussée, Port-Louis, last Wednesday, December 16, he noticed that the date featuring on the permit bearing the signature of the commissioner of police (CP) had been modified. The 20-year-old suspect, J.R.L, was then arrested after the police of Pope Hennessy was alerted.

L’ reports that she told the police about how, together with her accomplices, they gain Rs 6,000 per day by using falsified permits. When she herself was arrested, she had already collected around Rs 3,000.

Thereafter, an investigation conducted by the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the South Division Metropolitan Police arrested two other suspects.

Whose permit have they falsified? It was found that the real owner of the permit is an inhabitant of Ste-Croix whose house was damaged in a fire back in April. The victim had made a request at the office of the CP to be allowed to collect money from the public. Once the request granted, she was authorised to collect money from June to September 2015. However, J.L, also an inhabitant of Ste-Croix, and her accomplices sneaked into her house and stole the permit. They made two photocopies after falsifying it and put the real one back in its place. J.L claims that her neighbour was the one who gave her the copy of the permit.

Two of the suspects were released on parole while the third one is still in detention.

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