Iqbal Toofanny’s Case: ‘Foul Play’ Mentioned In Judiciary Investigation Report

The death of Iqbal Toofanny entailed “foul play”, according to the judiciary investigation presided over by magistrate Daniel Dangeot.

Y. Toofanny
Yousouf Toofanny, father of Iqbal.

Iqbal Toofanny died on Sunday, March 1, this year. He had been arrested by the police, and the circumstances of his death have otherwise remained unclear. Since then, his family has, therefore, made it a must to find the truth.

A judiciary investigation conducted by the office of the DPP and presided over by magistrate Dangeot from the court of Bambous was initiated. The conclusions thereof have finally been submitted to the DPP.

Based on the testimony of Dr Sudesh Kumar Gungadin and the CI Roshan Kokil, the magistrate concludes “foul play”. This marks a first victory for the family, according to

It is to be noted that constables Jonny Laboudeuse, Joshan Raggoo, Vincent Gaiqui, Jean-François Numa and sergeant Vikash Persand involved in the affair are accused (provisionally) of murder.

The father of Iqbal, Yousouf Toofanny, now wishes to fight for his daughter-in-law and grandchildren to be fully compensated. They intend to demand compensation from the State.

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