Is Vladimir Putin An Immortal & Time Traveler?

Is Vladimir Putin an immortal? The Internet population has, once again, gone crazy (or maybe not?). They have come up with conspiracy theories suggesting that President Vladimir Putin is immortal, as reported by The Independent.

vladimir putin

The website has published images dating from 1920 and 1941, apparently depicting Mr Putin. The remarkable similarity between the young men in the pictures led some to speculate that Mr Putin is immortal and can time travel.

Some also claim that he has been on Earth for thousands of years and is allegedly Dracula.

Some months back, Buzzfeed had published an article about Mr Putin having an uncanny resemblance with Mona Lisa from the famous Leonardo Da Vinci painting. Did he go back in time and pose for the picture, or was he actually alive at that time? Oh, the human mind knows no bounds when it comes to conspiracy theories that are completely unrealistic. While the rational mind will know it is but a joke or pure coincidence, some actually believe that Mr Putin is a “mythical creature”.

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