Levitating Cars In China: Plausible Explanation Provided

A video apparently depicting “levitating cars” in China has gone viral and left the Internet population bewildered. What really happened in that incident?

Screenshot of the video.

The footage was released last week. It shows three cars being lifted up in the air for several seconds in Xingtai, a city in the province of Hebei.

After the temporary “floating”, the cars fell onto the road, with one of them landing on its side. Some of the people who were present at the time the incident happened fled away, probably out of fear.

The moment the video hit the Internet, it went viral. The question remains, though: was the cause a supernatural force, or do we have a rational explanation?

According to reports, the culprit was a fallen cable wire that was entwined in the street cleaner vehicle featured in the video. The wire, being underneath one of the cars, caused it to “fly” temporarily.

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  • “Explanation” of absurd. Three cars “levitating” from unseen cable —wire???
    My explanation you can see on my page above. Purely electromagnetic action like in “Rule of Lentz”. BUT with very important difference! Use of very short electromagnetic pulse and thus making ferromagnetics (iron like substances) behave as NON ferromagnetics (like copper or aluminum).

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