Meteor Moving Towards Earth At 47,000 km/h Captured By NASA

A video released by NASA shows a meteor moving towards our planet at 47,000 kilometres per hour.


The meteor was spotted as a bright fireball by the sky meteor cameras of NASA above the town of Georgia, Atlanta, at a height of around 80 kilometres.

In a statement confirming the occurrence of the meteor, NASA says that it has received a number of reports mentioning a fireball over Georgia.

Experts have estimated its weight to be around 68 kg and its diameter to be beyond 41 cm – these speculations were made after observing its brightness.

The cameras have followed its trajectory and it is said that its speed has gradually decreased.

At one point, it was found that the meteor was no longer “producing light by burning up”.

Furthermore, fragments of the meteor might have reached the Earth in the form of meteorites. More analysis will be done to confirm whether this is true.

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