NTC Bus On Fire At Coromandel

A bus of the National Transport Corporation (NTC) took fire yesterday afternoon, December 23, at Coromandel, at around 16:23.

NTC bus on fire
The bus on fire at Coromandel. Photo credits: DefiMedia.info.

The bus was found near to a gas station at Coromandel. When the driver and bus conductor saw the fire starting, they got out of the vehicle; no passenger was in the bus.

Firemen (and police officers) of Coromandel were informed of the incident, and when they came on the spot, they successfully extinguished the fire within 8 minutes.

NTC bus
The firemen successfully put out the fire. Photo credits: DefiMedia.info.

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  • Wonder when the Goverment will start looking at the quality of the Buses and the skills of the drivers, not to forget.Only God knows how many more people that has to loose their life in Bus accidents on Mauritius ?

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