Paris Attacks: Mauritian Salim Toorabally Saves Many Lives

Mauritian Salim Toorabally is being hailed as a hero in France: his actions might have possibly saved many lives during the Paris attacks, on November 13.

Salim Toorabally, the Mauritian hero.
Salim Toorabally, the Mauritian hero.

Salim Toorabally worked as security guard during the French-Germany match, controlling the entry of spectators inside the stadium by checking their tickets. He explains that he had prevented Bilal Hadfi from having access to the stadium; the latter was allegedly among the three suicide bombers.

Mr Toorabally has been working in the private security domain for ten years now. He was assigned the job as security guard controlling the tickets at the Stade de France for the first time.

Paris Match reports that minutes before the attacks began, three men meant to enter the stadium with the aim of bombing themselves. Salim Toorabally was approached by Bilal Hadfi who asked to be let in despite not having a ticket. Hadfi said that his friend who was already inside the stadium had his ticket. Salim Toorabally, however, was not convinced and asked him to leave.

Hadfi was not discouraged though. He went to another security guard. However, fortunately, Salim Toorabally had already figured out his trick and informed his colleague not to let the man in.

Thus was how a Mauritian man might have saved a number of lives by preventing a suicide bomber from having access to the stadium.

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