Regulating Pollution: Environment Police At Work

Pollution, in its varying forms and levels, will further be regulated by the authorities. 4,292 fines have already been issued from January to November.

noise pollution

Mostly, motorcycles with modified exhaust fumes were involved in the sanctions. 1,152 such cases were recorded. Offenders had to pay fines not exceeding Rs 10,000, the amount determined by the court.

Furthermore, 716 people have been sanctioned for “illegal littering”.

For the first time, offenders are liable to a fine of Rs 500 to Rs 2,000, and repeat offenders face a risk of having to pay Rs 10,000 and a year of imprisonment.

72 owners of vehicles releasing too much of smoke have also been fined under the Road Traffic (Control of Vehicle Emissions) Regulations 2010.

Also, night clubs, restaurants, and similar businesses that result in noise pollution will also be sanctioned; 28 have already been fined.

The environment police intends to intensify their activities during the end-of-year festivities. Vehicles emitting excess fumes, motorcycles causing too much noise pollution, and owners renting bungalows for “all-night parties” will be increasingly monitored by the police.

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