Russia Says Turkey ❝Will Regret❞ Shooting Down Its Warplane

The clash that ensued between Russia and Turkey after the latter downed a Russian plane is intensifying. President Vladimir Putin warns that Turkey will regret its actions.

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In a speech broadcast live in Russia, President Vladimir Putin spoke in retaliation to Turkey shooting down one of its warplanes. His statements imply that their response will not be restricted to mere trade boycotts. He had previously announced that an import ban would be imposed on Turkish products such as fruits and vegetables. Now, Russians will not be travelling to Turkey for the holidays either.

Turkey maintains that the plane was only shot down because it had entered into its territory, while Mr Putin has also claimed that Turkey has been covering up for IS practices.

On the other hand, Turkish authorities deny any trade relationship with IS, saying that the claims of them buying oil from the group is but “Soviet-style propaganda”.

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