Salary Compensation: Rs 240 For Those At The Lower End of the Scale

The government wishes to renegotiate the amount of the salary compensation for those at the low end of the scale. The Minister of Finance might apply the proposal of the General Workers Federation (GWF) to give a pro rata compensation based on the Rs 600 given last year.

salary renumeration

The Minister of Finance met with representatives of the private sector once again yesterday, December 7. That was when Ashok Subron proposed to apply a prorated compensation based on the Rs 600 given last year. As such, since the Rs 600 represented an inflation rate of 3.2 %, Rs 240 would be equivalent to 1.3 %. The Minister of Finance explains that they are taking this proposal into consideration.

The “lower end of the scale” has not been defined though. The minister explains that the private sector must first consult its members before they get back to the government for a decision to be made.

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