Tourist Arrivals in Mauritius: 11 % Increase in 2015

The tourist industry in Mauritius is booming, according to newly-revealed statistics: aa 11 % increase has been recorded.


Figures made public today, December 7, indicate that 1.18 million tourists have visited the island from January to November 2015 as opposed to only 918,000 visitors for the same time period last year.

Thus was the objective of the ministry to have 100,000 more tourists this year successfully achieved.

Commenting on the report, minister Xavier-Luc Duval says in a statement to l’ that we are ending the year on a good note, and that they are already preparing for the low season of next year.

Tourists have been visiting Mauritius in greater and greater numbers, as shown by the figures.

CountryIncrease in tourists/ %
South Africa 10.1
Reunion Island1.3


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