Union Activists Say 10,000 Mauritians Lost Their Jobs in 2015

10,000 individuals have lost their jobs, according to union activists, who took to the streets on Saturday, December 12.


During a demonstration last week-end, union activists claimed that around 10,000 people have lost their jobs in a year’s time – an announcement that received prompt responses from the government.

The Minister of Finance, citing Statistics Mauritius, maintains that only 1,500 dismissals have been reported during this period. As per the latest official figures published in September 2015, 14,700 jobs have been created between the second trimester of 2014 and that of 2015 – a period when only 1,500 jobs have been lost.

However, union activist, Ivor Tan Yan, affirms that there have been direct dismissals of employees as was the case for those of the BAI, and indirect ones; he explains that when someone loses his job, he can no more pay for a gardener or baby-sitter, thereby resulting in indirect dismissals.

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