Airline Ticket Prices Might Decrease Soon Because of Competition Among Airline Companies

With the increasing number of airline companies operating in the island, Mauritians themselves might benefit from the resulting advantages.


The aviation market is becoming more and more competitive as a greater number of airline companies are operating in Mauritius. This will likely cause some of them to review their tariffs, says the director of Atom Travel, Caroline Chen, in a statement to – all to the advantage of Mauritian clients.

Caroline Chen adds that some airline firms are already proposing promotional prices for a range of destinations. For instance, Air Mauritius has 25% discount for destinations like India, Malaysia, and some European countries while Emirates is offering 35 % discounts for the Economy and Business classes on certain destinations.

Furthermore, as reported by, more such opportunities will most likely be made available in April, June, and July.

However, it is to be noted that lower tariffs are different from promotional prices, the latter being temporary. Each airline company will choose its own strategy to deal with the increasing competition.

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