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Be Like Bill Facebook Craze – What is Be Like Bill?

Be Like Bill – You certainly must have come across hundreds of such pictures on Facebook during the past 72 hours! Well, be informed: it’s the latest craze on Facebook.

be like bill

Be Like Bill is a satire internet meme which was first seen some months ago on Reddit (Can’t confirm this yet) but the real craze began when someone (probably Bill, himself) created a fan page on Facebook some days ago. Be Like Bill’s aim is to make fun of annoying habits of Facebook users.

The page named: Official Be Like Bill (check here) has acquired over 500000 fans in just 4 days!

It’s difficult to predict what will or will not go viral on social networks. Be Like Bill is one example. The meme has become so popular that local avatars of Bill have surfaced in several countries. In Mauritius, Bill’s clone is named Joe with the page “Faire Couma Joe“, while in India, Bill’s clone is named Billu (Desi Style!). Several other countries have adopted the Be Like Bill meme in their own ways while others are simply translating the original posts in other languages.

Warning: If you are login in to Facebook after several days, be warned: You will be flooded with Be Like Bill memes. The probability that your friends are already Bill-fected is really high right now. Brace Yourselves, Bill is coming!

be like bill

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