Beware: Link That Can Crash & Reboot Your iPhone

Facebook and Twitter users, beware. A malicious link is being shared on both social media that could crash iPhones, iPads, and even Macs completely. Is this a sick joke? Apparently, prank website thinks it is fun.


In case you are presented with a link to, you’d better not click on it. This will, as its name suggests, make Safari application to crash, and this might in turn cause Apple devices to restart. Fortunately though, once you restart the device, you will be able to use it again. However, you will have lost all your open tabs.

The link is being spread using a URL shortener; users are thus being tricked into unknowingly visiting the site. The prank website generates a long pattern of characters which is then overloaded in the address bar of the default Safari browser of Apple.

Android devices might also be vulnerable to it; visiting the website on them will entail heating up and slowing down.

The system processing power of computers and laptops might also be affected, but to a lesser extent.

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