Biodegradable Plastic Bags To Be Made Available in Mauritius

Now that plastic bags are banned, the government is on the look-out for any individual not abiding by the new rule.

biodegradable-plastic-bags-photo reports that some traders are selling non-biodegradable bags in packets of 500 costing Rs 150. Minister Raj Dayal thereafter sent for a team of the Police of Environment to conduct verifications in several markets across the island.

In a statement to Xplik ou K, the minister also mentioned sanctions to be taken against a manufacturer who was producing plastic bags that do not conform to the regulations.

As for the biodegradable raw materials, they will be accessible in 6 to 8 weeks. The minister also announced that traders wishing to commercialise the biodegradable plastic bags must register to be able to do so. Currently, there are three producers on the market.

The biodegradable bags are made from starchy food: from ‘manioc’ or potato tubers. The bags are to be distributed to traders by the ministry.

It is to be noted that certain types of plastic bags are allowed for hygienic purposes, and in the form of garbage bags and transparent ones to wrap food products.

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