Brace Yourselves For 35°C In The Weekend!

By now, you must have had enough of the heat. January is normally punctuated by occasionally hot days. However, this year, we might be reaching a level worse than before.


While 32°C to 33°C is the usual routine in January and February, this year has been different since we have been experiencing 34°C lately. If you can no more take the heat, know that it will get worse during the week-end and till Monday, January 17. According to the forecasts of the meteorological station of Vacoas, the temperature will rise as from tomorrow.

The thermometer is expected to hit 35°C on Saturday because of a combination of conditions.
Apparently, the absence of clouds will allow the sun to heat the planet up even more. Furthermore, the three coming days will only have weak winds. Then, a descending air current will add to the heat.

The forecasters recommend members of the public to stay in the shade as much as possible and to drink lots of water.

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