Employees Quitting Happily Are An Asset To Ex-Employers

Workers leave both bad and good bosses, says a new study. It might be tempting to think that someone has quit his job because of his boss being nagging but the recent findings published in Personnel Psychology show otherwise. In fact, employees leaving good bosses on a pleasant note might even be a good thing for the company.


Employees leave companies with good bosses and bad bosses. Researchers from the University of Illinois show that a firm’s alumni (former employees) can actually be strategic assets, but that would apply if their departure was on good terms. If so, they will still be potentially important to the benefit of the firm.

A professor of business administration at Illinois, Ravi S. Gajendran, explains this concept in terms of how you can use the good relationship as leverage. The smooth relations between former employers and their ex-employees can pave the way for future business or as a secondary route to obtain information such that it becomes a tool to tackle competition. He believes that organisations should start considering ex-employees as a “strategic constituency”.

The team found that the statistics show that workers will leave their jobs in spite of having a high-quality relationship with their manager. Why is that so? Gajendran says that when you have a good manager, he will invest in you such that you become better. Eventually, you become more of an asset that is highly sought on the market. Therefore, you attract other employers for better jobs where you are given more responsibilities since you have grown better.

It does not stop there. The ex-employees will likely have good feelings for the firm they previously worked for because of the opportunities they were given to develop themselves into better workers. This makes of them more open to reuniting with the organisation as a “boomerang employee”. Or, they might be a good source of information.

This is why it will be a good idea to keep in contact with employees who are leaving, says Gajendran, instead of saying goodbye on a good note forever.

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