Emtel Internet Subscribers: Free Unlimited Access to Facebook & WhatsApp

Emtel offers free unlimited access to Facebook and WhatsApp. The announcement was made yesterday, January 14, by the Emtel’s Chief Operating Officer, Kresh Goomany.

emtel currimjee

Those eligible to the offer must be subscribers having an Internet package. If their package has been used up, they will still be able to “like” and “comment” on posts, publish their status, and chat. However, they will not be able to post pictures or videos or make calls via Messenger. Also, there is a restriction on calls and audio messages for WhatsApp.

In his statement to the media, Kresh Goomany said that Emtel handles 1.2 million Facebook messages and 1 million WhatsApp ones. The two tools are the most used by Mauritians. Hence, Emtel has intended to offer this service.

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