Facebook Android App Equipped With Tor Support

Facebook’s Android app will now be equipped with the free anonymizing software TOR.


It was announced yesterday, January 19, that Facebook would now be supporting the Tor anonymity service. This will allow users to browse through the social media anonymously, without having to worry about privacy issues. Previously, Facebook users could access the site directly via Tor’s browser on PCs.

Privacy is becoming more and more of an issue. The Internet is a vast world and your movement about it is not only yours to know. ‘Facebookers’ can now rejoice because the new measure will ensure that others do not know of their ‘location’; the users will have the choice to share it or not.

Already, a great proportion of the Facebook community are accessing the online social network over TOR, and now, having the feature added to Android via the free Orbot proxy app has broadened the endeavour. The user just has to download the Orbot app from the Play Store, and select “use Tor via Orbot” when opening the Facebook app in the Settings menu.

Furthermore, this will also enable users to have access to Facebook even in countries where it is otherwise blocked like China and Iran.

The new feature will be made available in the coming days.

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