Fatal Fall of 2 Tourists At Ile-au-Phare on January 28

Two French tourists drowned at sea after they fell from a cliff at Ile-au-Phare yesterday.

The spot from where the tourists fell into the water. Photo credits: l'Express.mu.
The spot from where the tourists fell into the water. Photo credits: l’Express.mu.

The couple, Patrick Uturno and Marie Piedsert, had arrived in Mauritius on January 25 among a group of 17 tourists.

The incident happened at around 15h20. The authorities were informed of their fall. A skipper operating near Preskil hotel, Sameer, had come to their rescue before the authorities. In a statement to l’Express.mu, he says that he saw the two tourists in the water, at a spot where it is known to be dangerous due to the high waves. He adds that the presence of corals in the water makes it difficult to reach the land.

When the rescue unit did come, one of them had already died, according to Sameer. The one who was still alive at that point was sent a life buoy but he was unable to reach it.

As for the witnesses on the spot, they could not risk getting into the water to save them because of the danger it entailed. Even the police had to wait for low tide to reach into the water.

The Chetaket helicopter, the police force of Grand-Port together with the Marine Commando Unit of the National Coast Guard were called. The helicopter flew over the couple trying to winch them up but to no avail.

An investigation is ongoing to determine the circumstances that led to the sad event.

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