“Floating” Bonsai Trees For Home Decor: The Magic of Magnets

Floating bonsai trees are now a thing for home interior decor.

Floating bonsai

Yes, you heard it right — floating bonsai. A team of designers from Japan are behind the invention of what appears to be the product of a combination of science-fiction and magic.

Half of the plant comprises an energy base while the top part is the floating device called the “little star”, or floating ball. The halves contain a magnet each such that an equal but opposite force exists between them: this is what allows the top half to float in the air. It will only ‘float’ if plugged in; yes, you will need electricity if you want it to “levitate”.

The ‘piece of art’ can be bought from the team of designers at $200. Part of the cost is due to the use of traditional Japanese porcelain for the making of the base.

The product package — the Air Bonsai kit — will include a magnetic base (15 cm by 6 cm), a sponge insert, and a mossy ball (the star). There will be a space of 2 cm between the ball and the base.

Other kits are also available. Some have a pumice planter while another includes a trip to the company’s headquarters, and the prices vary from $230 to $10,000.

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