Helicopter Rescuing Workers at Ebene Cybercity 1

There has been a rescue operation by the police force helicopter this morning, January 19, at Ebene Cyber City 1: according to initial reports, workers were performing maintenance work on the building when the scaffolding broke, leaving the men hanging with only the security ropes attached to them.

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Three individuals were involved in the incident. They were cleaning windows of the building from the outside when one of the cables of the platform on which they were broke.

They were at the level of the 11th floor when it happened.

Photo credits: L'Express.mu.
Photo credits: L’Express.mu.

Firemen of Quatre-Bornes and the GIPM were called immediately. The police helicopter also assisted in rescuing them.

The three persons were finally rescued successfully by 9 a.m. They were then transported to the hospital.




Photo credits: L'Express.mu
Photo credits: L’Express.mu

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