Illegal Rock Trafficking: Millions of Rupees At Stake

The Water Resources Unit filed complaint at the CCID because of its suspicious of a huge illegal rock trafficking at Midlands.


In his testimony to the police, the acting director of the Water Resources Unit, Lormesh
Joogoo, alluded to the illegal trafficking.

The police, thereafter, found 10,000 tonnes of rocks at Jin Fei on Monday, January 11, that might have come from a construction site at La Chartreuse, Midlands. Besides Jin Fei, rocks might have also been delivered at Balaclava and other regions in the North of the island. Samples of rocks from Jin Fei have been taken to be analysed at the Forensic Science Laboratory; the rocks at Midlands are said to have unique characteristics that would help their identification.

Apparently, the rock trafficking entails millions of rupees – transactions that would be otherwise detrimental to the State because the rocks might have been taken from a quarry that was meant to supply the construction of Bagatelle Dam. These rocks were obtained from a portion of a mountain situated at Midlands. The Special Mobile Force handled the dynamiting of the mountain, and the firm in charge of the Bagatelle Dam construction, China International Water and Electric Corporation (CWE), was working on the resulting contents of the quarry. The site was later closed months ago after the required volume of rocks was obtained for the dam. However, the materials needed to extract and work on the rocks remained there.

The authorities now suspect that the CWE or others in charge of the Chinese firm exploited the quarry to supply other construction sites illegally. Since it is government property, noone has the right to do so without prior permission. The guilty party might be charged with “larceny of government property”.

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  • Rock theft on this scale is an eye-opener, but it’s been going on for a long time as anyone trying to build anything knows all too well – leave a pile of rocksand unattended for 24 hours and half of it will have disappeared when you return!

    Worse still is the theft of dressed stone from historic buildings, which are being demolished by thieves for a quick profit, destroying the country’s built heritage as they do.

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