Job Opportunities for Mauritians in Germany

Job opportunities might be open to Mauritians in Germany, says Chandan Jankee, the Mauritian ambassador in the European country who visited the island during the week-end.


Chandan Jankee met with several ministers during his visit. When asked of the potential cooperation avenues between the two countries, he mentioned job opportunities that can be accessible to Mauritians, from doctors to blue-collar workers. However, they would have to be well-versed in German language. Mr Jankee has, therefore, urged the authorities to provide more courses of the language in Mauritius.

As per the request of the PM, he has brought forth a list of Mauritian employees in Germany: he believes the latter might be of great help for other Mauritians to find employment there.

According to Mr Jankee, Mauritians might be encouraged to live in Germany because of free education: as long as they master the language, they can pursue their studies in German universities. Furthermore, cost of life is relatively lower there than in other European countries like France and the UK. On the other hand, he has also warned of tricksters who pose as agents and make people pay twice or thrice the real amount of the course fees.


  • Hi I’m Tania 21 highly interested working in Germany in maths teaching field. I’m a beginner in German language

  • I would like to work as cnc aerospace operator or machinist. I work for hymec cnc mauritius and hymec aerospace uk.
    I know how to use mastercam v9.
    I know how to use precision measuring tools. I know how to regulate the machine, speed of tool, coolant, depth of cut, how to read drawing etc …

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