Marvin Minsky, Father of AI, Dies of Cerebral Hemorrhage

Marvin Minsky, known as the artificial intelligence (AI) pioneer, has died at the age of 88, on Sunday, January 24.

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The sad news was announced by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Marvin Minsky, the father of AI, had a cerebral hemorrhage.

He is described as a “genius” with a “monster brain” as per the statements of MIT professor of AI and computer science, Patrick Winston.

The president of MIT praised his work in the obituary published on the website.

“Very few people produce seminal work in more than one field; Marvin Minksy was that caliber of genius,” says the president of MIT, Rafael Reif. “Subtract his contributions from MIT alone and the intellectual landscape would be unrecognizable: without CSAIL, without the Media Lab, without the study of artificial intelligence and without generations of his extraordinarily creative students and protégés. His curiosity was ravenous. His creativity was beyond measuring. We can only be grateful that he made his intellectual home at MIT.”

Minsky’s work on AI is behind many developments in the field. He was the co-founder of the AI Group of MIT back in 1959. He has contributed to the construction of computers understanding spoken commands; he made smart machines like computers able to play grandmaster-level chess, software to be used for DNA analysis, robots to build cars, and programs that can create lifelike dinosaurs, explosion and fantasy worlds for movies, amongst others.

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